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SECAF’s Contractor Advice Forums are unique value-added services provided at no-extra-cost to SECAF members. If you have a question or an issue with which you are struggling - big or small - ask CAF! We offer two types of advice forums:

#1 SECAF Chat – an online “list serve” for SECAF members. Use SECAF Chat to connect with fellow SECAF members. You may ask a question or share an idea about anything related to your business or just take a look to see what SECAF members are talking about. Service Provider members are strictly prohibited from attempting to sell their services via SECAF Chat.

#2 CAF Confidential – Have a question or a problem that you do not want to share with the membership? Use CAF Confidential to ask a question or request advice.

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CAF Testimonials
“We faced a pressing competitive bid decision that hinged upon gaining key insight into the procurement’s past performance evaluation criteria as it related to complicated teaming options. Jack Hughes from CAF was instrumental in quickly contacting key players and pulling together both specifically relevant and industry standard information and perspectives. For a small business like ours, tapping into a powerful network of influencers and obtaining near immediate responses provided invaluable support to our critical business need.  Not only were we armed with new knowledge, we were able to think strategically and gain a competitive advantage. And even after our initial question was answered, Jack continued to forward us helpful information and make inquiries on our behalf. CAF has proven to be a tremendous resource and far exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you to CAF and Jack!”
Melaine Privitera, CEO of Mobius Consulting

"The CAF team is extremely responsive and provided direct actionable insight for making the transition into a new Federal market."
Mariano Lopez, Managing Member, Analytica
“The Contractor Advice Forum (CAF) offers an outstanding way for SECAF members to get impactful, well-researched answers to their questions from seasoned business experts and leadership. As the owner of an Economically-Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), I was seeking information on legislation and programs pertaining to access to the federal market for companies in our socioeconomic category. After several days of online searching, asking opinions of business acquaintances, and calling government contacts, I reached out to CAF. On each occasion, Jack Hughes (CAF) contacted me with a confirmation that same day, and with a detailed answer the day after. I cannot recommend enough the leveraging of CAF members’ expertise when needing spot on and incisive answers to business questions!”
Simona Lovin, Chief Executive Officer, Andwyrde LLC

“I contacted CAF when I needed an answer regarding a 1099 versus employee issue. CAF responded within 24 hours and the response was quite detailed and thorough. In addition to answering my questions, I also received “contract language” to include in the 1099 contracts we were currently negotiating. CAF was extremely helpful and save me a lot of time that I would have otherwise used for researching the issue.”
Dan Simmon, Chief Financial Officer, CWS

“It is always good to have resources who you can contact to help gain another perspective about recent regulatory and policy news and trends.  The SECAF Contractor Advisory Forum is one our ‘go-to’ resources.  We have found the service provides timely, rational responses to the recent regulatory transactions.”
Christine Whalen, Business Manager, INNOVIM

“I had a specific situation where I was trying to get an audience with the CO regarding an upcoming procurement out of Customs and Border Protection. Having no success, I reached out to SECAF’s Contractor Advice Forum (CAF) to see if they might be able to assist me in making contract with the right person.  In a few days, I was provided the number of the small business liaison at Homeland Security who helped me secure a phone call to the CBP CO. Without the CAF involvement, I would have never acquired the information I was looking for from the CO.”
Ed Kovac, CEO & President, MarCom Group

“I had the opportunity to seek advice for my company from CAF. My particular interest was to outline our current business opportunities with a focus on strategic growth. Immediately after placing my query, I received advice that was objective and extremely beneficial and helped me understand more clearly where my company is with regard to our current market position.  This, in turn, helped me focus on our strategic growth.  CAF was prompt in its response, and I do appreciate this wonderful service.”
Dr. Robert L. Bowles, Chairman and CEO, RB Company, LLC.

“My question posed to CAF was specifically related to Business Development.  After numerous emails and an in person meeting, my expectations were significantly exceeded and further proved why SECAF is a worthwhile investment.  The level of willingness and amount of time taken truly shows the representatives of the CAF are invested in success of all SECAF members.”


Chase Flott, Co-Founder, Ward Logic
“We asked Contractor Advice Forum (CAF) what the impact of the new FedRAMP regulations would be on our vendors, and, subsequently, on us.  We received a quick reply including the definition of FedRAMP.   FedRAMP is fairly new.  The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. FedRAMP is mandatory for Federal Agency cloud deployments and service models at the low and moderate risk impact levels. CAF also supplied information as to who might do an assessment, more government clarifications, and on-going ways to get information about FedRAMP.  Now, we can assess how to handle FedRAMP.  CAF is a uniquely valuable benefit of SECAF membership!”
Fran Craig, Unanet, CEO and Founder