Award Winners To Date 2009 - 2019

Government Contractor of the Year:

Under $6 Million
2009      Culmen International LLC, Dan Berkon
2010      Integrity Management Consulting, Mary Beth Romani
2011      InCadence Strategic Solutions, Sandra K. Corbett
2012      Intrepid Solutions and Services, Inc., Lawrence I. Herbert
2013      Navanti Group, LLC, Chris Conner
2014      Coverent, Jennifer Wohlander
2015      Apogee Research, Tiffany Frazier and Evan Fortunato
2016      Fusion PPT, Michael Biddick
2017      Firebird AST, Bruce MacNair

Under $7.5 Million
2018      Phoenix Operations Group, Inc., Devin Edwards
2019      Strategic Mission Elements, Inc.
Government Contractor of the Year:
$6 – 12 Million
2009      Information Systems Consulting Group Inc., Danielle Johnson
2010      Culmen International LLC, Dan Berkon
2011      Onyx Government Services, Ken Jensen
2012      Foxhole Technology, Inc., Bob Toye
2013      InCadence Strategic Solutions, Anthony Iasso
2014      MindPoint Group, Inc., Patti Chanthaphone
2015      Cybermedia Technologies, Inc., Kay Ramesh and Raj Ramesh
2016      Apogee Research, LLC, Tiffany Frazier
2017      Dynamo Technologies, LLC, Vick Taneja
$7.5 - 15 Million
2018      Ridgeline International, Inc., Joe Schniebs
2019      Expedition Technology, Inc.
Government Contractor of the Year: 
$12 – 25 Million
2009      iLuMinA Solutions Incorporated, Simone Acha
2010      SENTECH, Inc., John Chapel
2011      Solutions Made Simple, Inc., Lang Craighill
2012      Octo Consulting Group, Inc., Ben Davies
2013      Innovative Defense Technologies, Bernie Gauf
2014      MicroPact Inc., Kris Collo
2015      Atlas Research, Ryung Suh
2016      IntelliWare Systems, Inc., Dominic LaPore
2017      Spear, Inc., Richard Pineda
$15 – 27.5 Million
2018      Axiologic Solutions, LLC, Mike Chavira and Tom Stauber
2019      Assured Consulting Solutions, LLC

Government Contractor of the Year: 

            $27.5 - 50 Million
2019      Ridgeline International, Inc.
Award of Excellence (under $25 million)
2011      Atlas Research, Ryung Suh
2012      CPS Professional Services, LLC, Phil Panzarella
2013      Excella Consulting, Inc., Steve Cooper
2014      Integrity Management Consulting, Inc., Mary Beth Romani
2015      IntelliWare Systems, Inc., Allen Payne, COO
2016      Atlas Research, Mark Chichester
2017      Strategic Resolution Experts, Inc., Jeannette King
2018      Integrity Managements Services, Inc., Nisha Shajahan
2019      Evans Incorporated
Mentor Protege Program of the Year
2009      A-TEK, Incorporated, Debbie Rieger (under $100 million)
2010      LMI, Manik K. Rath (under $100 million)
CACI International, Jody Brown (over $100 million)
2011      Robbins-Gioia, LaDawn Tylee-Clark (under $100 million)
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Babak Nouri (over $100 million)
2012      Attain, LLC, Greg Baroni (under $100 million)
Northrop Grumman Information Systems, Lynn Livengood (over $100 million)
2013      ASM Research, Inc., Jeri Lassiter (under $100 million)
DCS Corporation, Curtis Schehr (over $100 million)
2015      IBM, Luanne Pavco
2016      CACI, Steve Weiss
2017      DynCorp International, Debbie Newberry
2018      CALIBRE Systems, Inc., Joe Martore
2019      Peraton, Inc. (Submitted by GovTact, LLC) 
Government Project of the Year
2013      Potomac Healthcare Solutions, William Joseph and Tom Burden
2014      Atlas Research, Mark Chichester
2015      VariQ Corporation, Ben Edson and Marcie Nagel
2016      Amyx, Inc., Satya Akula
2017      Unissant, Manish Malhotra
2018      INTEGRITYOne Partners, Steven Winkler
2019      Firebird AST
Government Advocate of the Year – Honoree
2009      Michael S. Sade, GSA
2010      Kevin Boshears, Department of Homeland Security
2011      Michael O’Neill, Director of the Government-wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Programs at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
2012      Sandra Broadnax, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
2013      Bridget Bean, U.S. Small Business Administration
2014      Mitchell Ross, NOAA
2015      Maria L. Kersey, Director, Office of Small Business Programs, Defense Intelligence Agency
2016      Jackie Robinson-Burnette, U.S. Small Business Administration
2017      Todd Richards, GSA
2018      Soraya Correa, DHS Office of the Chief Procurement Officer
2019      Robb Wong, U.S. Small Business Administration
SECAF’s Special Recognition Award
2014      VariQ Corporation, Ben Edson
2015      Business Information Technology Solutions Inc., Dan McQuay
2016      KnowledgeBank, Michele Borg
2017      Nationwide IT Services, Inc., C.K. Park
2018      Renegade Technology, LLC, Dan Smith
2019      InCadence Strategic Solutions, Anthony Iasso
SECAF’s Advocate of the Year
2016      Kathy Albarado, Helios HR
2017      Sue Evans, Evans Incorporated
2018      Richard Pineda, Spear Inc.
2019      Mark Melton, Cordia Partners


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