Join a Committee

Programs Committee

Co-Chair:  Jon Williams, PilieroMazza

This committee is responsible for SECAF's calendar of events each year. The group focuses on obtaining the best speakers to address topics of immediate interest and concern for the SECAF membership and maintaining a balance of themes and topic areas throughout the year.  Members interested in supporting this important aspect of the organization by identifying and securing quality speakers and programming are encouraged to contact the chair via

Marketing & Communications Committee

Co-Chair: Steve James, Integrated Systems Solutions
Co-Chair: Veronica Vannoy, CORDIA

The goals of this committee are two-fold: to expand SECAF’s brand awareness within the government contracting community; and to help the organization organize,  create, and distribute information through all communication vehicles to reach members, prospects, the media and other professional groups and/or societies. Primary committee activities include assistance with media relations, social media initiatives, market research, event announcements and support for the Annual Awards Gala.

Membership Committee

Co-Chair:  Adam Nalls, Virginia Partners Bank
Co-Chair:  Dana Fisher, CORDIA

This committee's mission is to grow SECAF through new member recruitment, continue the organization’s strong level of membership retention and provide optimal value to our members and their guests. The membership committee seeks proactive, responsive and energetic members who are willing and eager to provide fresh ideas in achieving our goals for growth and seeking new ways to expand  our member benefits. This committee's primary focus centers on making a difference in the organization's efforts to become "The Voice for the Small and Emerging Contractor.”

Partnership Committee

Co-Chair: Curt Anderson, Management Concepts
Co-Chair: Frank Sturek, Compendium Federal Technology (CFT)

Serves as a conduit to connect Federal Government Agencies (Primarily Procurement, OSDBU, and Industry Liaisons) to Gov Con Small and Emerging Small Businesses for communication of priorities, events, and initiatives, and to assist those Federal Agencies in accomplishing their mission. We shape and help execute Agency Reverse Industry Days and participate in Agency Acquisition Innovation Roundtables to help them connect to the Government Contracting industry and better understand the market. 

Awards Gala Committee

Scott Brezler, Forvis
Cameron Hamilton, Stout
Jill Cochones, Atlantic Union Bank

This committee is responsible for all facets of SECAF’s Annual Awards Gala – from determining the criteria of the Government Contractor Awards to selecting the date and location to hosting the event.  Also included in their duties are organizing subsequent committees, addressing award nominations and judges, as well as chairing meetings related to the Awards Gala and keeping the Gala within time and financial budgets.

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Chuck LaRock, JLL

This committee develops sponsorship structure and cultivates organizations for annual sponsorship.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact us at