Your Business Success is SECAF’s Purpose
For your membership investment, SECAF offers exceptional value. When you join, you’ll instantly become part of a welcoming, supportive community that is committed to working together to create member success and solve common industry problems.
You’ll benefit from the actionable advice of seasoned mentors, introductions to contracting partners and government agencies seeking your services, networking with decisionmakers and professional service providers that can help your business grow, legislative and regulatory advocacy and access to education, best practices and valuable other support resources.
Other organizations may offer an auxiliary committee or council to help its government contractor members, because you are just a small segment of their larger membership base. SECAF is exclusively dedicated to helping you navigate every stage of your business growth. Your success is our only focus!



Member Benefits Designed to Promote Your Business Growth
Joining SECAF can help you:
  • grow your business
  • network with peers and mentors
  • discover new contract opportunities
  • partner with other members for contract success
  • access influencers and decisionmakers at government agencies
  • increase your knowledge through quality webinars, briefings and more
  • connect with other members through SECAF’s searchable online directory
  • recognize your success at SECAF’s Annual Government Contractor Awards
  • keep up with legislative and regulatory issues
  • find advice or solve a problem using SECAF’s Confidential Advisory Forum (CAF)
  • get involved to maximize your investment value
  • connect with professional service providers to help you scale your business
  • share knowledge and position yourself as an industry leader

SECAF Membership Types & Annual Dues
SECAF offers seven types of membership to help meet our government contracting community in whatever business growth stage they’re in at the time of application. Members have access to all the events that SECAF hosts.
  • Government Contractor under $7.5 million revenue—$200/year
  • ​Government Contractor $7.5-$15 million revenue—$300/year
  • Government Contractor $15-$27.5 million revenue—$400/year
  • Government Contractor over $27.5 million revenue—$500/year
  • Government Member—$200/year
  • Large Business Member—$3,500/year
  • Professional Service Provider—$600/year

Government Contractor Membership
You are a Government Contractor Member if your company has a contract with a government agency and provides products or services to it, specifically IT, engineering, etc. A Government Contractor membership is for the organization and annual dues are based on the organization’s total revenue. As a Government Contractor Member, you will have one Primary Member and up to 10 Affiliate Members, each of whom will have their own login credentials and receive SECAF communications, including invitations to SECAF events.  
Government Member
You are a Government Member if you are a current employee of an agency of the federal government or a state government. Proof of employment with the agency is required by providing a government identification number or utilizing a valid email address that incorporates the name of the government agency where you are employed. A Government Member membership is for ONE individual.
Large Business Membership Program ($100 Million Annual Revenue)
You are a Large Business Member if you are a government contracting partner that can bring value to a program, proposal or opportunity through a specialized skill set, contract vehicles and/or supplemental talent to help SECAF’s large government contractor members fulfill their global obligations. A Large Business Membership program is for the organization. You will have one Primary Member and up to 10 Affiliate Members, each of whom will have their own login credentials and receive SECAF communications, including invitations to SECAF events.  
Professional Service Provider Membership
You are a Professional Service Provider Member if your company provides a service to another company and specializes in a particular area such as banking, accounting, insurance, legal, property/brokers, HR benefits, talent search or recruiting, infrastructure or business process improvement services, etc. A Professional Service Provider membership is for ONE individual. To activate your membership, NEW Professional Service Providers must recruit two new Government Contractor Members into SECAF membership (see above for Government Contractor Member details) and act as Ambassadors to encourage their ongoing SECAF engagement. If you have questions, please contact us at