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SECAF’s leadership and members are knowledgeable industry experts who welcome the opportunity to speak with members of the media on the issues that most affect the GovCon industry. They can enrich reports, articles and features with insights into government contracting trends, industry outlooks, current challenges, leading-edge services, solutions and more. For more information or to request a briefing, please email

Latest SECAF News

Arming members with business resources, access to influencers and government agencies, advocacy opportunities and education, SECAF is a vital organization within the government contracting industry. We help small and emerging government contractors achieve maximum growth in a highly competitive marketplace, while also serving the needs of our medium to large government contractors that partner with smaller, specialized firms. Together, we help the overall contracting community work symbiotically to create even greater member success. Below you’ll find the latest news from SECAF.

May 3, 2024: SECAF 2024 Government Contractor Awards Winners

April 1, 2024: SECAF 2024 Government Contractor Awards Finalists
September 6, 2023: SECAF Announces 2023-2024 Board of Directors

May 8, 2023: SECAF 2023 Government Contractor Awards Winners

March 21, 2023: SECAF 2023 Government Contractor Awards Finalists
August 30, 2022: SECAF Announces 2022-2023 Board of Directors

May 6, 2022: SECAF 2022 Government Contractor Awards Winners

March 31, 2022: SECAF 2022 Government Contractor Awards Finalists

February 22, 2022: SECAF Unveils Refreshed Brand and Website
November 30, 2021: SECAF Elects Two New Members to Board of Directors

September 21, 2021: SECAF Announces 2021 Board of Directors

May 7, 2021: SECAF Names 13th Annual Government Contractor Award Winners

April 1, 2021: SECAF Announces 2021 Government Contractor Awards Finalists
October 2, 2020: SECAF Announces 12th Annual Government Contractor Award Winners

September 9, 2020: SECAF Names New Board of Directors Leadership

May 5, 2020: SECAF Announces Finalists for 2020 Government Contractor Awards
September 10, 2019: SECAF Names New Board of Directors Leadership

May 3, 2019:  SECAF Announces 11th Annual Government Contractor Award Winners

April 2, 2019: SECAF Names 2019 Finalists for 11th Annual Government Contractors Awards
October 1, 2018:  SECAF Announces New Board of Directors Leadership

May 11, 2018:  SECAF Announces Winners of 10th Annual Government Contractor Awards

April 3, 2018: SECAF Names 2018 Finalists for 10th Annual Government Contractors Awards
September 5, 2017:  SECAF Elects New Board of Directors Leadsership

May 10, 2017:  SECAF Announces Winners for 9th Annual Government Contractor Awards 

April 4, 2017:  SECAF Announces Finalists for 9th Annual Government Contractors Awards on May 9 
May 13, 2016: SECAF Announces Winners for Eighth Annual Government Contractor Awards

January 5, 2016: SECAF Elects New Board of Directors Leadership