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SECAF Supports Your Government Contracting Success

For more than 20 years, the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF) has empowered government contractors like you to scale and succeed—beginning with your new, emerging or small business and supporting your continued growth journey as you transition into medium and large contracting entities. When you’re ready, established professional service providers will work with you to implement relevant growth strategies that help your contracting business achieve next-level results.  
Boasting more than 350 members, SECAF is comprised of the senior leaders from active government contractors, all of whom demonstrate a genuine willingness to help each other succeed, motivated by the shared belief that the industry is robust enough for every member company to prosper.
SECAF Members Help Each Other Thrive
Member engagement drives our powerful social and professional ecosystem. As a new member, you’ll be welcomed into our close-knit community that truly values each member’s contribution. We effectively represent the entire GovCon spectrum, so no matter what stage your business is in today, the nurturing relationships you’ll find at SECAF will help you enjoy greater success than going it alone.
Our members are very approachable and heavily rely on each other for knowledge and support. SECAF activities are member-driven, resulting in highly relevant, collaborative initiatives that address your needs and help you thrive. Businesses can scale because the SECAF GovCon community works together to successfully solve common challenges and boost each other’s growth.
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