Why You Should Join!

SECAF is a valuable resource for the government contracting community.
Join SECAF to meet other CXOs navigating the world of government contracting.
You will find mentors and partners.
SECAF offers education, networking opportunities and access to various government agencies.

Member Benefits - SECAF can help you

  • grow your business
  • network with peers and mentors
  • access to government agencies and government officials
  • attend educational sessions
  • searchable online directory of members
  • recordings of past event
  • keep up with legislative and regulatory issues 
  • get advice or solve a problem using SECAF’s advisory forums – SECAF Chat and CAF  
  • get involved; serve on a committee
  • win a SECAF award

SECAF hosts events every month!

Monthly Events

  • feature various government agencies
  • some are open to non-members
  • educational and interactive
  • how tos and dos and dont's
  • variety of topics such as: contracts, information technology, human resources, mergers and acquisitions, financing, business partnering, market penetration and compliance/legal/regulatory issues

Events with SECAF Large Business Members

  • matchmaking
  • meet the company

Webinar Series

Networking Receptions for Government Contractor Members

  • meet and mingle with fellow government contractors
  • find out what they do and how you might help one another
  • open to members only


  • meet and mingle with fellow SECAF members, including Board members
  • open to members only and some special guests such as former speakers
SECAF Annual Government Contractor Awards honor small and emerging government contractors
and the players in the industry that rely on small business.
  • The Government Contractor of the Year recognizes companies that have shown a compelling and profound commitment to excellence in financial performance.
  • The SECAF Award of Excellence highlights organizations that represent excellence within their respective communities, the government contracting industry, and towards employees.
  • The Government Project of the Year is given to a company that has delivered an exemplary program with significant value to the federal government. 
  • The Mentor/Protege Program of the Year is awarded to a company that has shown a compelling and profound commitment to excellence through its efforts as a prime contractor by providing tangible benefits to small businesses and/or subcontractors during the previous year. Note: All applications must be submitted by a small business.
SECAF provides two contractor advisory forums!
Have a question or a problem?  SECAF can help!  SECAF’s Contractor Advice Forums are unique value-added services provided at no-extra-cost to SECAF members.  If you have a question or an issue which you are struggling with - big or small - ask CAF!  We offer two types of advice forums:
  • SECAF Chat – Use SECAF Chat to connect with fellow SECAF members.  You may ask a question or share an idea about anything related to your business or just take a look to see what SECAF members are talking about.  Perhaps a fellow SECAF member can help you!  We have created seven different Forums in SECAF Chat:   1) strategic planning; 2) business partnering; 3) market penetration; 4) mergers and acquisitions; 5) financing; 6) information technology and 7) human resources. SECAF Chat is open to all SECAF members only – both Service Providers and Government Contractor members.  Service Providers are strictly prohibited from attempting to sell their services via SECAF Chat.
  • SECAF Confidential – Have a question or a problem that you do not want to share with the membership?  Use CAF Confidential to ask a question or request advice.  The CAF team can provide expert advice to SECAF members on a strictly confidential basis on a variety of topics including but not limited to: strategic planning; business partnering/market penetration; mergers and acquisitions; financing; information technology and human resources


Effective July 2019, there are seven (7) Membership Types:
  • Government Contractor Under $7.5 million revenue  $200/year
  • ​Government Contractor $7.5-$15 million revenue  $300/year
  • Government Contractor $15-$27.5 million revenue  $400/year
  • Government Contractor over $27.5 million revenue  $500/year
  • Government Member  $200/year
  • Large Business Member  $3,500/year
  • Service Provider  $600/year

Government Contractor Membership

You are a Government Contractor if your company has a contract with a government agency and is providing a product or services to a government agency, specifically IT, engineering, etc. Government Contractor membership is for the organization. You will have one Primary Member who will be the main point of contact and receive the renewal notices.  In addition, you may have up to ten people from your organization as Affiliate Members.  Affiliate Members will also get communications from SECAF, including invitations to SECAF events.  Each member will have their own login credentials.

Government Member

You are a Government Member if you are a current employee of an agency of the federal government or a state government.  Proof of employment with the agency is required by providing a government identification number or utilizing a valid email address that incorporates the name of the government agency by which you are employed.
Government Member membership is for ONE individual.


Large Business Membership Program
($100 Million Annual Revenue)

Amid changing government regulations, the large government contractor constantly seeks opportunities with partners that can bring a specialized skill set, contract vehicles and/or supplemental talent to fulfill its global obligations. Within SECAF, program managers and business development leaders can find matchmaking opportunities with more than 250 small and emerging government contracting firms that can bring incremental value to a program, proposal or opportunity. Only SECAF can provide the invaluable access to the best and the brightest in this community, in a comfortable, close-knit environment.

The Large Business Membership program is for the organization.  You will have one Primary Member who will be the main point of contact and receive the renewal notices.  In addition, you may have up to ten Affiliate Members from your organization who will also get communications from SECAF including invitations to SECAF events.  Each member will have their own login credentials.


Service Provider Membership

You are a Service Provider if your company is providing a service to another company and specializes in a particular area such as banking, accounting, insurance, legal, property/brokers, HR benefits, talent search or recruiting, infrastructure or business process improvement services, etc.

Please note that NEW Service Providers must recruit two new Government Contractors to become members of SECAF before your membership will be active.  The details and the cost of membership for Government Contractors is outlined above. If you have questions, please contact us 

It is also expected that Service Provider members will act as Ambassadors to their Government Contractor recruits.  Please encourage them be engaged with SECAF by attending events and joining a committee.

Service Provider membership is for ONE individual.