SECAF Delivers NOAA Procurement Update with Mitch Ross and Jeffrey Hale

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SECAF Delivers NOAA Procurement Update with Mitch Ross and Jeffrey Hale
NOAALink Program’s On-Ramp Efforts Take Center Stage in Discussion
November 18, 2013, McLean, VA – The Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF), the premier organization for the small and emerging government contractor, held anExecutive Briefing featuring Mitchell J. Ross, Director of the Acquisition and Grants Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Jeffrey Hale, NOAA’s Small Business Officer.  They provided an in-depth update on NOAA’s procurement opportunities – specifically, on the NOAALink program’s on-ramp efforts – at the Gannett building in Tysons Corner. 
NOAA is the largest bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and devotes half of its budget to acquisition and financial assistance. The contracts and grants awarded by NOAA address some of the United States’ most critical environmental and scientific priorities.  NOAALink's principal purpose is to improve IT acquisition practices across the bureau.  NOAALink also aims to establish enterprise-wide solutions, standardize common technology products and services, and leverage purchasing power to achieve the most significant cost advantages possible.
Mitch Ross provided a summary of NOAA’s mission, people, culture, historic events, legal mandates, major initiatives, NOAALink “refresh,” acquisition challenges and the upcoming PROTECH program.  Jeff Hale provided valuable information regarding the NOAA goal achievements, how to do business with NOAA, and the FY-2014 projected expenditures.  Both Mitch and Jeff encouraged robust communication with industry.  The PROTECH program, in particular, is an opportunity for small and emerging contractors to engage with NOAA, as that program becomes the model for future strategic sourcing initiatives. 
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