CSSI, Inc.

Cindy Castillo, CEO 

CSSI joined SECAF at a critical point in the company’s lifecycle. CSSI was still small but growing rapidly, and we wanted a forum where we could network with other companies at similar junctures. SECAF was a great fit because it gave us a safe place to discuss critical business issues and best practices while learning more about new business opportunities.

Today, SECAF still gives us the unique opportunity to put our heads together and “talk shop” with people who really understand what we’re going through. SECAF has a sharp focus on helping federal contractors succeed.  There are so few forums specifically for those in federal contracting and even fewer for companies that really want to push their limits. SECAF fills this void, and it’s what makes the organization so special.

I recommend SECAF to other companies all the time. It’s the go-to organization for great advice, tried and true resources and solid, vetted networking opportunities. It can definitely give you a leg up in a very challenging – yet exciting and opportunity-rich – industry.

About CSSI:
CSSI is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary firm with leading-edge skills in engineering, information technology, safety management and applied research. Serving the aerospace, defense and transportation sectors, CSSI is committed to its customers and to delivering strong leadership, sound solutions and innovative thinking. As a company certified in the ISO 9000 family of standards and appraised as CMMI Level 2 compliant, CSSI is leveraging its unparalleled experience to help design and develop mission-critical solutions that move research to reality.