NetBase Corporation

Will Dantzler, President & CEO 


NetBase Corporation saw SECAF as an organization providing a network and platform to communicate our success and facilitate additional opportunities. In the first year alone, we experienced the influence of SECAF in our business development strategies.

The ability of SECAF to present guest forums with significant key points-of-contact in the federal procurement circles made a difference in raising our awareness of opportunities that otherwise may have passed by us. It has also increased our opportunities for business partnerships and new relationships as turnout for SECAF events are always well attended, many times standing room only.  As with many small businesses, critical planning and decisions are continuous for survival and growth. SECAF offers a series of educational events where key procurement organizations as well as policy organizations discuss the impact of legislation and enacted laws that may affect future opportunities and growth strategies. SECAF also showcases subject-matter experts from within its own ranks of companies. It is an extremely valuable benefit in this day of information overload, to get experts presenting pertinent information that may influence our decision-making process.

I would tell an organization to join SECAF if they are looking to significantly expand their base of contacts and pipeline of business development information in the federal arena. This vibrant network of business leaders, consultants and domain experts can lead to opportunities that impact their bottom line.

About NetBase Corporation:
NetBase Corporation is a business process IT consulting firm that offers business process improvement applications and services with a focus on assisting clients to integrate, analyze and visualize their data. NetBase enables clients to analyze their information in real time while taking into consideration user friendliness, security and scalability. Seventeen years of experience and customer satisfaction has NetBase in the forefront of supporting our country’s needs with critical systems, such as the national case management system for adjudicating labor cases and the budget formulation system for all commodities across the US.